Links- information on reincarnation

The following links include a number of sites which provide additional information on reincarnation, regression therapy and the German court case against Jedem das Seine | To Each His Own |


  • Children's Past Lives contains an introduction to the work of Professor Stevenson.
  • The Kabbalah Society has interesting material for those interested in the kabbalah connected with reincarnation.
  • Heal Past Lives is a large site covering both reincarnation and regression therapy. Features a great deal of information, free tips and self-help exercises.

Regression Therapy - Discovering Past Lives

  • Dick Sutphen is America’s best-known allround expert on reincarnation and publisher of his own magazine.
  • The International Association for Regression Research & Therapies contains much information related to everything surrounding these topics. They offer a magazine and a newsletter, among other  things.
  • Rabbi Gershom is the author of Beyond The Ashes - Cases of Reincarnation From the Holocaust and From Ashes To Healing.



  • Healing Cancer Naturally Cancer has been healed in many ways, including via a single session of regression therapy! Here you'll find a wealth of all-round information on alternative cancer healing approaches, with special focus on the spiritual and emotional causes and cures of cancer and other diseases. It offers amazing healing testimonials and much much more. A true labour of love - one visitor referred to the site as "the best I've seen on this subject ever".


  • Seth Quotes
    Seth, channelled by the late Jane Roberts, not only examined the impact of past and future lives upon the present, but also furnished a great deal more ground-breaking material which has opened complete new vistas for spiritual seekers. This site provides extensive quotes from Seth together with a complete list of all current Seth-related material.
  • Orin Affirmations
    Affirmations help us refocus and reprogram ourselves towards positive thoughts. Here are nearly a thousand beautiful affirmations by Orin :: as channelled by Sanaya Roman :: , including a complete list of Orin titles, long book extracts and a very helpful freeware affirmation flasher available for download.
  • Angel Messages
    Regression therapy often leads to deep healing and transformation on the emotional level. Here are inspiring messages channeled from the "angelic dimension" on the subject of emotional healing, as well as an exercise designed to reestablish whole-brain thinking and much more...

The German court case against ° Jedem das Seine °

Jedem das Seine | To Each His Own |has been banned in Germany since the author applies the law of karma to the Holocaust.


  • Gaurahari - Die Bhakti Yoga Homepage contains the full story of the court trial against Jedem das Seine and its author Trutz Hardo |German only | .
  • Rabbi Gershom is the author of Beyond The Ashes - Cases of Reincarnation From the Holocaust and From Ashes To Healing.