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Trutz Hardo, Regression Therapist
Trutz Hardo, Regression Therapist

On the occasion of the presentatin of three new books published in English, Trutz Hardo gave a lecture on reincarnation and "regression into past lives" in the Al-Kausar Hospital at South India.

Picture: Karin Klug, Trutz Hardo und Dr. Akbar Kauser

The Karma Handbook


Through numerous fascinating case histories, this book comprehensively explores the relationship between karma, disease and healing. This book will help you understand the Karmic law and its effect on your present life. And only by understanding karma will you be able to achieve your release from the worldly cycle.

The author has collected all previously known forms of karma, supplemented them with various new forms arising through experiences with regression therapy and catalogued them in 23 different types. The book first introduces you to karma and then draws you into the nuances of regression therapy. It is designed to help understand the law of karma and the ensuing insights to be gained from it.





30 Most Conivincing Cases of Reincarnation

• Children’s memories of past lives
• Adults’ memories of past lives
• Reincarnation revealed through regression therapy

Once you have read this book, you will no longer be the same person as you are now, at least as far as your outlook on life is concerned. Since the end of year 2000, reincarnation has finally been proven. The famous psychiatrist Professor Ian Stevenson M.D. has scientifically proven that reincarnation is a fact. A number of case histories substantiate this claim. Some of these have come from children and adults who remembered their past lives accurately. Others were retrieved by means of regression techniques.

The interest in reincarnation is growing every year. Today we no longer need to simply have faith, since reincarnation has been scientifically proven, just as the law of gravity was proven some time ago. We are now able to know that it is possible to return to this world repeatedly. What was until recently a belief for millions of people has now been discovered to be a truth.


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Reincarnation: True Cases of Children Who Have lived Before

True Cases of Children Who Have Lived Before

Children from India, Sri Lanka, England, U.S.A., South Africa, Israel, Brazil, Turkey and Lebanon who remember their past lives

Children from all over the world have been known to remember their past lives. Scientists – most notably Professor Ian Stevenson, Director of the Division of Personality Studies at the Health Sciences Center at the University of Virginia – report on how their stories are then followed up to verify that the children’s memories are indeed real.

Especially convincing are the cases of children born with missing limbs. They are able to describe exactly where and when they lost these limbs in a past life. They also often recount who their parents and relatives were. When the children’s statements are subjected to scientific verification, they are invariably confirmed in every detail.

It is evident that reincarnation is more than just a belief or a philosophy, having been categorically proven through the statements of children. The scientific evidence, as presented in this book, shows reincarnation to be the truth and all religions and philosophies will have to swiftly encompass these ideas into their existing concepts to maintain any credibility. The concept of reincarnation belongs to the future and this is only the beginning.


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Trutz Hardo is a well-known expert on reincarnation and regression therapy. He holds seminars in Europe, Australia, USA and India. He has appeared on several television programmes.