The Great Handbook of Karma

A ground-breaking work from Trutz Hardo, Germany's best-known regression therapist. Through numerous fascinating case histories, this book comprehensively explores the relationship between karma, disease and healing.


Written in a clear and practical style, this work will be of great interest to anyone confronted by illness or psychological problems.

Based upon many years of research into regression therapy, The Great Book of Karma reveals the extent to which karma underlies so many of the problems we confront in our daily lives and how it is particularly evident in physical illness and psychological problems.

Starting with a comprehensive examination of the lore surrounding karma throughout the world, the author goes on to explore the many cases he has encountered through his work as a regression therapist. He presents fascinating proof that nearly all illness originates in previous lifetimes. Through numerous case histories, he illustrates how dissolving the "groundwork" laid in former lives can, in most cases, lead to the partial or complete healing of current symptoms. Clients with such diverse symptoms as migraine, asthma, fear of heights, back pain or maternal rejection are shown to return to full health and well-being once they have dissolved the emotional baggage carried over from previous lifetimes. These successes speak for themselves as well as for the Law of Karma.

This work presents both general practitioners and psychotherapists with a new approach to healing - and may well end up revolutionizing it!