Discover Your Past Lives

Psychoanalysists look for the cause of behavioral disorders in early childhood experiences - an important, but lengthy process.


Individuals taking a spiritual approach can discover these causes far more quickly and thoroughly by undergoing regression - exploring not just childhood experiences, but also those of previous lifetimes.


Through the power of the mind, they enter an imaginary elevator which takes them, guided by their Higher Self, back into previous existences.

Discover Your Past Lives reveals exactly how this is done. It is a handbook packed with detailed and comprehensive instructions, as well as pointing out the potential pitfalls. It competently removes any remaining doubts or reservations regarding regression therapy.

Trutz Hardo, a past-life regressionist with years of experience as a seminar facilitator, introduces the reader to the techniques used for group, individual and self regression. Past-life regression enables everyone to get to the bottom of the events in their lives, to understand their relationships, the origins of illness and to gain clarity about their current purpose in life.