To Each His Own

Trutz Hardo

The third volume of Trutz Hardo's spiritual-historical - Seven-Colour novel

To Each His Own is the third volume of Trutz Hardo's spiritual-historical Seven-Colour novel.

The book deals with the darkest chapters of the Nazi regime.
Examining the Holocaust from a karmic viewpoint, it may well be the most exceptional and courageous book ever written on the subject, as the title - the inscription on the gate to the Buchenwald concentration camp - may already suggest.

The book, while a continuation of the seven-colour novels Molar and his children and Lilia, can be read independently, the volumes preceding it having been summarized in the introduction. Lilia, wife of Molar the poet, discovers her husband's love for another woman who is living in Munich.

Since Molar is wanted by the police for “drug trafficking”, she gives him up to the police and he is arrested. In prison, the poet learns from a former concentration camp officer about the gas chambers of Auschwitz. The "Author" takes the "Reader" into the concentration camp where he explains the facts and gives an overview of the situation from a higher perspective. After his release, Molar does everything in his power to win back his beloved Maria. The novel's spirit author leads the reader to an enlarged view of men and their destinies, enabling him to come to understand the real background to situations and to understand ever more those things that join heaven and earth.