Children Who have Lived Before

In this book children talk convincingly about their past lives and scientists - most notably Professor Ian Stevenson - report on how scientific investigations conclude that the children's memories are indeed correct.

Especially convincing are cases of children born with missing limbs who are able to describe exactly where and when they lost these limbs in a past life and who their parents and relatives were and where they lived.


Subjected to scientific scrutiny and verification, their statements are invariably confirmed in every detail.

Reincarnation has thus become more than a belief or a philosophy, having been proven categorically through the verified memories of children. All religions and philosophies will swiftly encompass these ideas into their existing concepts in order to maintain any credibility. We will all be considering rebirth as a fact of life. The concept of reincarnation belongs to the future and this is only the beginning.

"I am delighted to see the impressive evidence for reincarnation Trutz Hardo has collected for this book which even the toughest sceptics will find difficult to dismiss.”
Elisabeth Kübler-Ross