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Trutz Hardo, Regression Therapist, Publisher, Autor, Teacher, Globetrotter
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Trutz Hardo was born in 1939 in the East German town of Eisenach as the second son of the pharmacist and poet Dr. Karl Ernst Hockemeyer who was to achieve postwar notoriety under his nom de plume Molar.


After the war, the disabled and widowed father of four moved to what was to become the Allied zone of Germany, where he found places for his children in a variety of boarding schools and families.


Trutz Hardo attended nine different schools and six boarding schools. He passed his baccalaureate on the German Island of Wangerooge in 1960 and went on to study Germanic philology and history at Berlin and Munich university. It was in Berlin, in 1966, that he took his first degree.


Trutz Hardo As Globetrotter

The following five and a half years saw Trutz Hardo hitchhiking around the world, rucksack and brolly always at hand. To earn the required money, he worked in Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA in a variety of jobs. While in West Africa in 1972, after having visited more than seventy countries, he fell ill and had to be flown back to Germany with the aid of the German Embassy. Following his recovery, he became a probationary teacher at a Berlin grammar school in 1973. After taking his second degree in January 1975, he again took to hitching through Africa and spent a further two and a half years visiting some thirty countries. On returning to Germany in the autumn of 1977, he had already made up his mind to follow his calling to the exclusion of everything else - he was to be a writer.


Trutz Hardo as Autor

On his African trip, he had started to develope the idea of writing an extensive seven-colour novel, with his father the poet as the central figure. He spent the winters of 1977 to 1983/4 in Crete, writing the four volumes of the Molar novel and giving birth to the first multicolor work of fiction in German literature. During this period of artistic creativity, he spent his remaining time saving money for his winters in Crete by working as a waiter and cab driver in Berlin - as well as preparing for the following chapters of his novel. He read dozens of historical works, spoke to witnesses of the times and visited former concentration camps and other sites which were to achieve significance within the novel. For his nom de plume, he decided upon his first names tr UTZ HARDO (which he also uses when appearing in public as writer or when teaching courses). Under the title Molar, the publishing house Die Silberschnur brought out the first part of his seven-color novel in 1985. In 1993, the same company published part two of his novel, entitled Lilia, with the third part, Jedem das Seine (To Each His Own), appearing in 1996.



Trutz Hardo As Publisher

In 1982, he co-founded the publishing house Die Silberschnur which is currently situated in Güllesheim by Neuwied on the Rhine. The company aims to publish books geared to the heightening of spiritual awareness and to providing tools for the mastery of life. Featuring among Silberschnur's special publications are five books by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross and a work by Hermann Hesse. As a translator from English, as well as an editor, Trutz Hardo published a whole string of books (such as Goethe als Esoteriker by Professor Max Seiling) often providing his own preface or postface. As publisher and author, he has made several radio and television appearances. With more than 180 publications to date, Die Silberschnur ranks among the best-known German publishers specialising in spiritual matters.


Trutz Hardo As Teacher

Trutz Hardo's interest in esoteric and New Age subjects dates from a crucial experience he went through in 1974. While in Africa, he visited several witchdoctors and devoted himself particularly to the study of spirit lore and the doctrine of reincarnation. He was given the gift of "automatic writing" in South Africa, a gift he now gives courses in. While visiting California in 1982, he was taken back to a previous lifetime by the best-known reincarnation researcher Helen Wambach, and staged his first group regression to former lives within a hypnosis group. Returning to Germany, this was to lead him to conducting his first public group regressions (having staged them initially privately with friends), which slowly turned Trutz Hardo into the most widely known group regressionist in Germany, with television coverage and appearances on various TV stations such as RTL (spring 1991, summer 1997) and SAT1 (3/30/1993, April 1994). In addition to several books, Trutz Hardo has published both a set of cassettes and CD's as well as various video tapes dealing with the topic of reincarnation, etc.

Trutz Hardo As Regression Therapist

His in-depth study of reincarnation and past-life regression led him to the area of regression therapy. Research has shown that a great many problems such as phobias, allergies and difficulties in relationships can be traced back to previous lives. Finding a problem's root cause allows a reprogramming to take place, which in turn often remedies the present-day symtoms of the problem such as asthma, hay fever, claustrophobia, impotence or problems with one's partner etc. Trutz Hardo studied under Richard Sutphen, America's most famous regression therapist and teacher. Numerous people undergoing private sessions with Trutz Hardo have experienced a change for the better or even the complete elimination of their problems. With Hardo offering training courses for future regression therapists and reincarnation teachers since 1989, Germany now boasts several physicians, therapists and non-medical practitioners/naturopaths who are trained in this type of therapy which first originated in America.

In November 1992, Trutz Hardo demonstrated a time shift to the future (into the year 3030) on the TV channel SAT1 (in the program Einspruch). He was a guest in Schreinemakers Live, a popular chat show, in April 1994 where he conducted a group regression. He even took the presenter herself back to two former lives. On August 14, 1997, he appeared in the RTL series Mysteries where he took anchorman Jörg Draeger back to a previous lifetime.


Trutz Hardo As Speaker On Spiritual Matters

Trutz Hardo has given a whole string of lectures on spiritual/esoteric subjects, be it on Goethe as a man of spirituality, on his own experiences with Philippine and Brazilian miracle surgeons, on the benefit of former-life-regressions, on the influence of those "on the other side" upon those living on earth, on possibilities of communicating with the beyond, on the nature of the hereafter, on proof and evidence for reincarnation, on the history of the reincarnation creed and on other subjects. He is a well-known figure in today's New Age scene and an extremely qualified spokesman for the "New Thinking" which draws an increasing number of adherents among a new generation. He is available for talk shows and interviews. Today, Trutz Hardo lives in Berlin.